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Last list of bank codes in Indonesia 2020

Searching for references to indonesia’s last list of banking codes in 2020 is often experienced among the public. It all started from the existence of increasingly sophisticated technology to meet the needs of humanity. Various types of activities have begun to be done with an online system because they are connected to the internet.

One of the important things to do using internet help is to transaction money into a personal account. In modern times, of course, people have begun to save funds in a safe place through banking services. In the implementation of all types of transactions, of course, it is also necessary to be under the supervision of banking facilities.

Therefore, you need to learn the transfer needs so that you don’t have problems in the form of wrong addresses. That is, do not let you try sending the wrong money to others for lack of knowledge. As a customer, you should try to understand references to various types of transactions when you need a transfer.

Please note that regarding shipping to other destinations, a special code will be requested so that it does not get the wrong destination. All services have their own special code, as the identity must be known by the client when transferring. So pay attention to the list of bank codes in Indonesia in the last year of 2020 , officially and completely.

Basic Procedure for Sending Funds Through the Banking System

Beforeyou know how the identity number I form for delivery, it would be good for you to understand first how. We want to discuss how to send money easily, practically and quickly. It is necessary to know by everyone that the transaction system in banks is strongly supported by the highest security.

Therefore, you must understand about the transaction procedure to send money through. You can do this by visiting an ATM or taking advantage of the m-banking application that was provided. Through this option, later you only need to send money according to the balance in the personal account.

When accessing the main menu of the transaction, you have to search for transfer writing related to sending funds to the destination. At this time, you should understand the reference to the list of bank codes in Indonesia in the last year of 2020. The recommendation will be used as a reference for the target account to which a certain amount of money is sent.

If you entered the code according to the desired account, then the next step is to enter the account number. Thus, customers must enter all digits correctly in so as not to experience any losses. You are also required to enter how much money will be sent according to the purpose of the transfer.

It will be shown on the screen related to the user name of the target account and the full value of the transfer. Make sure in advance that all the data is correct and just need to wait a while. In a matter of seconds, the money to be sent must have successfully entered the target account.

List of the special codes of the National Commercial Bank Most Popular

Once you know what the funds transfer mechanism is like, then you can continue to understand the next information. You should understand the latest list of bank codes in Indonesia 2020 according to the most complete information. According to the needs of the transaction, please understand the complete list first according to the list of most used.

  2. Mandiri send the number 008
  3. BNI bank number 009
  4. BNI Syariah is number 427
  5. BRI has code 002
  6. Syariah Mandiri available number 451
  8. Muamalat Entrance 147
  9. BTPN 213 input
  10. input BTN 200
  11. Gem enter code 013
  12. Entrance danamon 011
  13. Maybank BII uses code 016
  14. Mega wear number 426
  15. Bukopin uses code 441
  16. Lippo listed code 026
  17. OCBC NISP must enter 028
  18. BCA Syariah must encode 536

Through the last list of bank codes in Indonesia in 2020 , please make a selection immediately according to the purpose. Therefore, make sure that the list has been entered accordingly so as not to send the wrong money. The list is a list of the most popular banks that have the largest number of customers.

From the first moment you know the list, you can save all the codes from your phone if you want. In addition, the list can also be used by the people closest to you if you need code information quickly. Thus, customer transactions continue to go well and precisely without obstacles.

Understand the Regional Identity of the Provincial Special Bank

After paying attention to all kinds of bank code lists in the last Indonesia 2020, it is easier to trade. But at the previous point, most of the list still revolves around the banks with the largest number of customers. So now there is a list of special code numbers coming from local services at the provincial level.

  1. West Java Entry 110
  2. Código DKI Jakarta 111
  3. Entrada DIY BPD 112
  4. Central Java Entry 113
  5. Entry jatim 114
  6. BPD Jambi enters 115
  7. BPD Aceh enters no 116
  8. Sumut Entry 117
  9. Nagari Entrance 118
  10. Riau Kepri entra 119
  11. Sumsel usa o código120
  12. Lampung uses code 121
  13. Kalsel Entrance 122
  14. Kalbar enters 123
  15. Kaltimtara Entrance 124
  16. Kalteng enter 125
  17. Sulselbar Entrance 126
  18. Sulutgo coded 127
  19. NTB encoded 128
  20. BPD Bali coded 129
  21. NTT numerado 130
  22. Moluccas Moluccan numbered 131
  23. New Guinea numbered 132
  24. Bengkulu codificado 133
  25. Central Sulawesi coded 134
  26. Input Sultra 135
  27. BPD Banten coded 137

After the next discussion, of course, it will add information to users before transferring to another account. In general, the use of regional banks is often used by the local population for government affairs. Thus, the list of banking codes in Indonesia in 2020 above will be required when making the transaction.

From the first time you send money with information like this, it will be easier for you to trade. Please find the code number at the bank to be addressed correctly according to the area name. Thanks to the full list of codes, it definitely won’t hinder your needs.

Complete list of other special banco comercial codes

Studying the existence of various provisions in the form of code numbers should, in fact, be used as a guideline for the insertion of accounts. When the transaction is in progress, each client must be able to use multiple target numbers. Regarding the existence of a list as needed by customers, other additional codes will be explained later.

Please be aware that there are many providers out there that also officially exist to operate. However, its popularity is not as high as the names of other service providers as explained earlier in detail. Based on customer needs, the following list of bank codes in Indonesia 2020 is also worth understanding.

  1. Export Indonesian code 003
  2. Panin code is 019
  3. UOB Indonesia code 023
  4. American Express berkode 030
  5. Citibank coded 031
  6. DBS Indonesia numbered 046
  7. Standard charter ed entry 050
  8. Digibank input 046
  9. Entry woori brother 068
  10. Mayapada the code is 097

Some of these references can be used in the transaction process so that they have no difficulty. Each bank certainly has its own policy of sending some money to other accounts. Especially in the administrative fee discounts section, it must be determined according to the bank’s policy in full.

So you don’t have to hesitate more about sending money because the code number has been explained. From now on, just go directly to the nearest ATM or transaction using the mobile banking app. In this way, the last list of banking codes in Indonesia in 2020 will increase the ease of transactions.

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